I am pleased to provide this testimonial letter for A’Tenga C.E. which has been my conference secretariat since 2009. A’Tenga has helped me to organize several International conferences and workshops. These include 2009 IEEE RFIT conference, 2010 Joint Workshop on Nitride Semiconductors and Device, 2013 IEEE INEC conference, 2019 IEEE EDTM conference. In all these events, they were able to fulfil their assigned responsibilities without fail and had contributed to the successes and received praises from participants.
The latest conference namely 2019 IEEE Electron Device Technology and Manufacturing is an excellent example in showcasing the professionalism and vast experience of A’Tenga in organizing key events. EDTM is an IEEE Electron Device Society Flagship conference in Asia Pacific. The 2019 EDTM conference was the first time it was being held in Singapore and there was a lot of high expectation to ensure its success. As always, A’Tenga C.E. had risen to the occasion and demonstrated their capability and dedication as a Professional Conference Organizer to assist the organzing committees from the start to the end of this event. For example, they were able to liaise with the US IEEE HQ in handling the administrative matters as well as to ensure the legal issues were properly addressed. A’Tenga C.E. also followed through the bidding process together with the conference key appointment officers to bring the conference into Singapore. Whilst bidding for the project, they proactively approach the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) on behalf of the conference to apply for the conference additional conference grant. They helped to prepare the report together with conference key appointment officers to work out the KPIs to maximize the grant received and followed through to ensure the application was sealed. A’Tenga C.E. further value added by closely monitoring the progress of all the KPIs and finally submitted a flying colour report card and secured the grant. A’Tenga also took the initiative in sourcing for excellent conference venues and hotel accommodations for the participants. They also worked closely with the event organizers at the hotels to ensure the day-to-day itineraries were smoothly carried out and to leave behind fond memories for the conference participants. This is a good testimonial of the dedication and professionalism which A’Tenga had whenever they were appointed as the conference secretariat.
A’Tenga C.E. was able to works closely with me (General Chair) and the organizing committee members to ensure smooth execution of the conferences. Being a PCO, they are very conscious of the financial status of the conference. They always helped to follow-up closely with all the potential sponsors and exhibitors. They were truly meticulous and I had received many compliments from the exhibitors and participants for their relentless help in all aspect for an unforgettable conference experience. As a General chair of various conferences, I know I would not lose sleep with the support of A’Tenga. Their service truly is outstanding.

No assignment is too big or too difficult for A’Tenga C.E. Their integrity, positive attitude and passion are incomparable. Their resourcefulness and conference-first mentality has brought conference many saving through their negotiation with venue and suppliers.
A’Tenga C.E. is truly a Professional Conference Organiser. You can be very sure the show will be a success with A’Tenga C.E. overseeing all the details from the start to the end of the conference. A’Tenga C.E. is undoubtedly a highly-recommend one-stop shop for a conference secretariat service which you can count on.
It is always has been very delightful working with A’Tenga C.E. and I will not hesitate to recommend their service.

Professor Ng Geok Ing
Nanyang Technological University
Director, Centre of Micro- & Nano-Electronics, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

During the last three years I have used A'Tenga C.E. to plan and organise a large number and great variety of high level conferences and events.

What a lucky choice that was! A'Tenga C.E. makes it possible for the organizers of events to enjoy their "own" events.

Mary and her team form the silent power behind the success of events, taking care of the registration and administration, the logistics, supervision of catering, and all kind of issues that tend to come as the organisation of conference or events takes shape, like finding good places or a banquet, taking care of audio-visual and back-up facilities, organising cultural events, etc.

With her hands on the wheel everything runs smooth, radiates warmth and creates a positive atmosphere for all participants.

Hence I can strongly recommend A'Tenga C.E. for your events.

Jan Wouter Vasbinder
Nanyang Technological University
Director, Para Limes

"It has been a wonderful experience working with A'Tenga C.E. in organising the 2009 International Conference on Integrated Circuits and many other social events that I served as advisor and program committee. Their passion, professional commitment and quality of services are among the factors that my committee and I greatly appreciate. We enjoy working with them as they often go extra miles to provide good and viable alternatives and suggestions to the committee."

Prof Chang Chip Hong
Nanyang Technological University
School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

A’Tenga has helped us manage many IEEE events over the years. We are very happy with their services. This led us to award a major event to them last year, “2013 IEEE Asian Solid-State Circuits Conference (A-SSCC 2013)”, which was first time organized in Singapore. I was the organizing committee chair. From the first organizing committee meeting to the end of the conference, it lasted nearly two years. A’Tenga worked with us in endless hours to ensure a successful conference. Over 400 participants attended the conference and it was indeed very successful. This would have not been possible without the hard work from A’Tenga, in particular, Mary and Stanley.

Working with A’Tenga, you can sit back, focusing on the important things, while A’Tenga will take care of all secretariat matters. Moreover, they often go extra miles to help the customer, including the last minute request. I am extremely impressed by their professionalism, diligence, and dedication.

Prof Xu Yong Ping
National University of Singapore
Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering